Prof Christoph Thoenissen

Prof Christoph Thoenissen

Professor of Macroeconomics
School of Economics and Finance

Christoph is currently away on research and study leave.

Prof Christoph Thoenissen

Personal Homepage

Christoph's personal homepage


BA (hons) MA University of Kent,
DPhil University of York

Research Interest

Dynamic macroeconomics, monetary policy, business cycle analysis, open economy macroeconomics, financial frictions.


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Edited Volumes

  • Exchange Rates, Capital Flows and Policy, edited by R. Driver, P. Sinclair and C. Thoenissen. Routledge (2005), 425 pp. ISBN 0-415-35263-0, London.
  • 'Real exchange rates, current accounts and net foreign assets' in R. L. Driver, P. Sinclair and C. Thoenissen, (eds). Exchange Rates, Capital Flows and Policy, Routledge (2005).
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