Dr Mattie Timmer and Dr Bridget Stocker

Researchers from the Immunoglycomics group
Drs Stocker and Timmer in the immunoglycomics lab.

The interests of this research group lie at the interface of chemistry and biology and focus on the use of chemical tools to address biological questions. The group tackles scientific questions through a combination of synthetic organic chemistry, metabolite isolation and structural elucidation, and the biological assessment of the target compounds, either in-house or with the assistance of collaborators. A key area of focus involves the effect of carbohydrates or carbohydrate derivatives on the immune response. Read about our current research projects.


Current members of the Immunoglycomics group: (See People)

Academic staff

Post-doctoral researchers

Dr Kristel Kodar

PhD students

  • Alex Hunt-Painter
  • Amy Foster
  • Kristiana Santoso
  • Chriselle Braganza
  • Thomas Teunissen
  • Ayesha Khan

Masters students

  • Amy Lynch
  • Matt Meijlink

Research assistants

Kanu Waihi


Recent publications from the immunoglycomics group include the discovery of lipids from B. longum subsp. infantis using whole cell MALDI analysis in the Journal of Organic Chemistry 2014, 79, 7332-7341 [Article], a divergent approach to the synthesis of iGb3 sugar and lipid analogues via a lactosyl 2-azido-sphingosine intermediate in Organic & Bioorganic Chemistry2014, 12, 2729-2736 [Article], and a review on glycolipids in Carbohydrate Research 2014, 389, 3-11[Article]. The recent discovery that trehalose monoesters activate macrophages in a mincle-dependant manner was published in ChemBioChem 2014, 15, 382-388 [Article].


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Research funding

Funding grants from the Marsden Fund, Health Research Council of New Zealand, the Cancer Society, Lottery Health Research, the Wellington Medical Research Foundation, and from industry currently support our research programmes.