Suzanne Boniface

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Lecturer – Chemistry School of Chemical and Physical Sciences


Through my career, I have taught chemistry at both secondary and tertiary levels. I have developed an interest in helping students see how chemical principles can explain things that happen in their everyday lives. I like to find out how students learn chemistry and apply new ideas from chemical education research to make the subject more accessible for them. In recent years I have become involved in curriculum development and assessment; helping write the NZ Curriculum and acting as a moderator and examiner in NCEA chemistry.

At Victoria, I run the chemistry Outreach Programme. School students come to our laboratories and take part in a range of fun chemistry experiments. We also host Scholarship Days, which have both a theoretical and practical component, for Year 13 students.

I support chemistry teaching in schools and promote links between the University and chemistry teachers in the Wellington region. Our annual Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for teachers to expand their chemistry knowledge and debate current issues in chemistry pedagogy.