School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Prof Kate McGrath

Professor - Chemistry
School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Phone: 04 463 5963
Location: Room 409, Laby Building, Gate 7 Kelburn Pde, Kelburn Campus

Prof Kate McGrath

Currently Teaching

CHEM 203 - Physical and Process Chemistry
Course Coordinator

Research Interests

Molecular Self-assembly, Complex Fluids and Hierarchical Solid Formation
In my group we are focussed on understanding the fundamental interactions that control hierarchical patterning and self-assembly in fluids and solids, such as liquid crystals and biominerals. Using this knowledge as a base we then aim to manipulate a variety of systems in order to harness the information contained within the self-assembly and use it to influence other internal or external processes.

Members of the group are currently working on biomineralization in sea urchins and model systems; probing the correlation between emulsion stability and microstructure; manipulation of the properties of solid chocolate via the emulsion state and visualization of cellular processes using atomic force microscopy. The overarching theme is to understand the ability of both fluid and solid systems to form hierarchical structures and use this knowledge to synthesize environments of defined hierarchy, length scale and chemical functionality.