Jim Johnston

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Professor - Chemistry School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Research interests

My research utilises applied chemistry, materials science and nanotechnology to make new high value products and generate new chemical process technologies. We are currently developing:

  • Functionalised nano-structured industrial calcium silicates for use in high quality papers, ink-jet printing and smart packaging applications.
  • The use of gold and silver nanoparticles as colourants for wool and other fibres, for high value fashion apparel, carpet and functional textiles.
  • Novel quantum dot–fibre hybrid materials for use in high value functional textiles, smart plastics and packaging.
  • New functional packaging materials for transporting perishable food and other materials.
  • Novel conducting polymer-hybrid materials involving paper, wool, paint and wood with smart chemical and electronic functionality.
  • Enhanced energy recovery from geothermal resources.

The materials are characterised by instrumental methods, e.g. XRD, electronmicroscopy, NMR, XPS, DSC, TGA.  Much of the research is in collaboration with Research Institutes and industrial companies in NZ, UK, USA, and Germany.

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