Rick Zwaan

Rick is a BSc student in Environmental Science and Geophysics and a BA student in Political Science. He's the VUWSA President 2015.

Picture of Rick Zwaan

BSc student in Environmental Science and Geophysics, BA in Political Science
VUWSA President 2015

Throughout high school Rick was actively involved in climate change issues. That interest drew him to Victoria.

“I was a youth delegate at international climate change negotiations and part of an expedition to the North Pole during a gap year. I saw the realities of climate change and the massive disconnect with policy agreements.

“I wanted a deeper understanding both the science and its political dynamics. Victoria’s world-leading climate scientists, unique geophysics programme and central place in the capital made it the ideal choice for me.”

After growing up in both Thames and Auckland, Rick fell in love with Wellington city. “Being the science and political capital of the country it makes it a perfect place to study what I enjoy. It’s also a really cool place to live with a great music scene and different things happening all the time.”

Rick has involved himself in many different areas at Victoria. “I’ve had the opportunity to connect with the wider university community through the students’ association VUWSA, firstly as a student representative and now as President. It’s been fantastic to work at all levels of the University.”

The breath of his studies has left Rick with an open mind for the future. “The range of things I’ve learnt—both through study and student politics—has broadened my interests a lot. I would be happy doing a wide range of jobs or studying in more depth.”