Awards and scholarships

Discover your potential by applying for one the scholarships and awards on offer for students studying in the Faculty of Science.

Dean's list

The Dean’s List is published annually to recognise excellence in academic achievement for those students enrolled in an undergraduate degree programme at Victoria University.

To find more information about the policy, including the criteria students need to meet to be considered for inclusion in the Dean's List, see the Dean's List Policy.


There are many scholarships available for students. The Scholarships Database lists all available scholarships with criteria, value, tenure and closing dates. Most application forms can be downloaded from this database. For best results when searching the database, keep the search terms broad.

Individual Schools administer some scholarships.

Summer research scholarships

The Summer Scholars Scheme offers a unique opportunity for students to gain experience in research and get an insight into what studying for a research degree entails. Each scholarship gives a student the experience of working with established researchers on a specified project.

Summer Gold Poster competition

This Summer Gold Poster Competition aims to acknowledge the research achievements of the students who participated in the Summer Scholars Scheme. With the support of their supervisors, scholars are invited to submit a poster or video describing their work and its results in a clear and interesting style similar to that used at many professional and disciplinary conferences. The competition aims to recognise the work of our researchers in a way that demonstrates the varied research at Victoria and supports development of presentation and communication skills.

See the 2017 Summer Gold Competition winners.


Prizes are awarded in each of the following categories:

  • Best overall poster - $2000
  • Best poster in each Faculty or academic grouping - $500
  • Best visual presentation - $500
  • Most entertaining poster - $500

While the intention is to acknowledge achievements in each Faculty, numbers of scholars vary among Faculties, as may numbers of entries. For that reason and to ensure a fair competition, the judges reserve the right to combine entries into academic groups of similar size – for example, by combining entries from several Faculties with low number of entries.


Each eligible scholar can submit one poster from their summer project.

  • A2 with font suitable for printing and display.
  • Preparation in standard Microsoft format such as Word, single slide PowerPoint or Publisher.
  • Submission as a JPG, BMP, or PDF file is preferred for printing on a University multi-function printer; Word and single slide PowerPoint format are also acceptable. All submissions will be printed for subsequent display.
  • Either colour or black and white is acceptable.