Science in Society

Science in Society

Interdisciplinary research, talking and teaching about science

The Science in Society group is concerned with the relationship between science, scientists, society, the history of science, and the communication of scientific ideas and issues to different audiences and through a range of media. We are interested in stimulating conversations about these topics and asking questions like:

  • What is the role of the scientist in today's society?
  • What roles have science, scientists and science organisations played in New Zealand’s past?
  • How does science contribute to the economy?
  • How does the science of climate change inform decisions at individual, government, and international levels?
  • Are current communication efforts by the science community meeting the information needs and wants of the public and other audiences?

Victoria University now offers a minor in Science in Society.


Science in Society offers undergraduate and postgraduate study options that encourage critical thinking about the role of science in society.

Research projects and collaboration

We conduct research into issues in science and society, including climate change and environmental concerns, technology, science funding and engagement.

Talking about science

We encourage engagement with science and critical thinking about science through a range of public and scholarly initiatives.

Science in Society staff

Meet the academic and professional staff in the Science in Society group.