Postgraduate scholarships for Chileans

The Chilean Government and Victoria University offer a generous scholarship fund to assist Chileans to study for a PhD at Victoria University.

Through the Comisión Nacional de Investigación en Ciencia y Tecnología (CONICYT), these 4-year scholarships pay all tuition fees and grant NZ$20,000 per annum. They can be taken up in any area of study at Victoria where a PhD program exists. Find out how to apply

Becas Bicentenario (Bicentenary Scholarships)

The Chilean Government is offering Bicentenary Scholarships (Becas Bicentenario) for Chileans to study abroad at Masters and PhD level. New Zealand is one of the many eligible destinations, and the scholarships can be taken up for study across a wide range of disciplines at Victoria University of Wellington.

Find out why New Zealand is such a great study destination.