VILLA consists of a board of research associates, an advisory panel, as well as a group of international associates. The Institute is overseen by a Director.

VILLA consists of a board of research associates, which includes both academic staff and doctoral students, an advisory panel consisting of senior academics and stakeholders overseen by the Chair, and a wide range of linked postgraduate Master’s students. There is also a group of international VILLA associates that have particularly strong links with Victoria. The Institute is overseen by a Director. Links to their profile pages are found below. Feel free to contact them should you wish to know more about their Latin American expertise and links.


VILLA research associates

The VILLA research associates are found across the University and interact with Latin America in a range of ways illustrating the broad-natured interaction the University is building with the continent.

  • Dr Michael Gavin, Senior Lecturer in Environmental Studies
  • Dr Colin Kennedy, Manager, Recruitment Programme
  • Erasmo Macaya Horta, Biology PhD Candidate
  • Dr Eusebio Scornavacca, Senior Lecturer in Electronic Commerce
  • Jorge Ivan Velez Castiblanco, PhD Candidate

International VILLA associates

VILLA Advisory Board


  • Prof Rob Rabel profile-picture photograph

    Prof Rob Rabel

    Director - Southeast Asia Centre of Asia-Pacific Excellence Office of the DVC (Engagement)