Prize details

KPMG Prize in Advanced Auditing ACCY 303



Closing date:

No application required


This prize has been set up by KPMG via the Victoria University Foundation to recognise the top student completing ACCY 303: Advanced Auditing


1. The prize is to be awarded to the top student in ACCY 303 (Advanced Auditing).

2. The value of the award is $800.

3. The nomination for this prize will be signed off by the Head of School of Accounting and Commercial Law and forwarded to the Scholarships Office in the end of year Prize Memo.

4. The prize may be held in conjunction with other awards.

5. No award shall be made in any year in which the University Scholarships Committee, on the advice of the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, considers there is no candidate of suffucent merit. If in any year the award is not given, the funds may be used in a subsequent year.

6. The recipient will be asked to write a letter of thanks which will be forwarded to the donor.