Prize details

The Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Award 2016


The Award will be the sum of $750.

Closing date:


The Award will be known as the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Award.


The Award may be granted under the following rules:

The Award will be known as the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga Award. The Award will be the sum of $750.

The Award may be granted annually by the Academic Board, on the advice of the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and with the agreement of the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, to one Master's programme student who has achieved a highly meritorious result in a work, project or topic - of recognition, appreciation, conservation and maintenance of an historic place, historic area, or wahi tapu or wahi tapu area in New Zealand.

This Award is for excellence in integrated design of a single or cluster of buildings including at least one heritage building. It is to be awarded for excellence in design that can include seismic retrofitting and adaptive reuse of existing heritage building fabric.

The winning project will:

Engage with the existing urban and cultural and heritage context. It will demonstrate the original relationship of the heritage building to its site, locality and urban grain. It will be an exemplar of heritage conservation in urban renewal.

The project will show respect and engage with existing architectural heritage building fabric, encourage integrity of streetscape, addressing seismic retrofitting and adaptive resue. Restoration of original features may be considered. Where new buildings or additions are introduced existing heritage buildings must be enhanced.

The architectural qualities of the project must show design quality at urban, building and detail scales, worthy of future heritage protection. Compatibility between new buildings and historic buildings is important.

The design must speak for itself, be compelling in its massing, spatial, and material qualities, and fulfil the potential to be a vibrant urban precinct in which creativity, industry and culture can flourish.

Heritage New Zealand will be a party to the selection of the winner, through the Central Region Architect, and also to the exhibition presentation. Display of the winning project will be accompanied by a citation, bearing the Heritage New Zealand logo, prepared by or in conjunction with Heritage New Zealand.

Should there be no worthy candidate in any year, no award may be made; a decision to be made jointly by the Faculty of Architecture and Design and Heritage New Zealand.

Students enrolled in a Master's programme in a field of Architecture are eligible for the Award.

A copy of the Award-winning project will be made available to Heritage New Zealand at Heritage New Zealand's expense and may be published at its discretion.

The Award will be made in conjunction with an exhibition of the winning project.

The deadline for submission of work for this Award is to be decided by the Faculty of Architecture & Design.

The Heritage New Zealand contact for the Award is Central Region Heritage Advisor for Architecture, Alison Dangerfield, 04-494-8320, . Students are advised to talk to their Course Supervisor before submitting work for consideration.