Prize details

Margaret Clark Prize


$500 subject to funds available

Closing date:

No application required


The prize was established in 2012 via the Victoria University Foundation by Emeritus Professor Dame Margaret Clark, founder of two series of books on NZ elections and political leadership and for many years responsible for the university's very popular first-year introductory course in NZ government and politics. It is awarded to the Honours student in the Political Science and International Relations Programme judged to be the most worthy who, in the year of the award, has completed an essay on an aspect of NZ government, politics or international relations.


These supreme prizes are given to final year students demonstrating overall excellence at their respective educational institutes.

The names of the NZILA/Life Awards for final year excellence are:

1. NZILA/Robin Gay Award - given to the Lincoln University final year student for overall excellence
2. NZILA/Dr Diane Menzies Award - given to the Victoria University final year student for design excellence(commenced 2005)
3. NZILA/Dr Frank Boffa Award - given to the Unitec final year student for overall excellence
The Supreme prize consists of $500 (or a sum as agreed by the Committee) + one year's free graduate membership + certificate for one student winner per tertiary institute.