About us

Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Our Centre for Biodiscovery is an interdisciplinary research centre based in the Alan MacDiarmid building within the Faculty of Science.

Our major strengths are drawn from natural products and synthetic chemistry research in the School of Chemical and Physical Sciences and mechanism of action studies and proteomics in the School of Biological Sciences. We have links to affiliated research in mathematics and computing science and in behavioral psychology.

Major projects include:

  • Natural product and synthetic chemistry based discovery of pharmaceutical leads
  • A national chemical genetics platform based on robotic high-throughput screening for synthetic lethality in network analysis of the yeast gene deletion set and libraries of small natural product-like compounds that can substitute for gene knockouts and mutations
  • Proteomics based discovery of proteins and genes including for diagnostics and therapeutics for human disease and agricultural production
  • Chemical genetics and proteomics used in mechanism of action studies for pharmaceutical leads