Stephanie Tomscha

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow School of Biological Sciences

Research Interests

Humans rely on the natural world to provide a wide range of benefits including clean water, food, fibre, as well as less tangible benefits such as recreation and spiritual well-being. I work towards understanding and enhancing the relationships between humans and nature using geospatial data including biophysical and participatory maps. I am particularly interested in how we can restore wetlands and floodplains to promote equitable access to clean water, recreation, and traditional food sources. Some datasets and approaches I use include aerial photography, historical maps, participatory mapping, household surveys, and ecosystem service models including the Land Use Capability Indicator model (LUCI). I have worked in floodplain, tropical, and wetland ecosystems.

I lead a collaborative project Wetlands for People and Place, which aims to create more effective wetland restoration strategies. Our approach accounts for the diverse values of New Zealanders and their connections to nature, as well as considers of the spatially-explicit equity implications of different restoration approaches.


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