2018 Ecology & Evolution Seminar Schedule

2018 Ecology & Evolution Seminar Schedule

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15 Mar - 15 Dec 2018 from 12.00 pm - 1.00 pm 15th Mar 2018 12:00pm 15th Dec 2018 1:00pm

LBLT118, Laby building

Join us on Thursdays 12-1pm in LBLT118 to hear about ecological and evolutionary research being undertaken in  the School of Biological Sciences, with the occasional external speaker thrown in for good measure.

The 2018 schedule so far is:

8 March | Travis Ingram (University of Otago) - The dimensionality of individual niche variation

14 March | Antoine Felden (PhD) - Variation in behavioural traits and their molecular basis in the globally invasive Argentine ant

22 March | No seminar

29 March | Roald Bomans (MSc) - Developing an automatic detector for morepork calls, and using bioacoustics to measure bird responses to 1080 mammal control

5 April | Samitha Bose (PhD) - Understanding the spatial and temporal patterns in movement and habitat use of black-tailed deer in northern California, USA

12 April | Rob Elshire (Elshire Group, Palmerston North) - Towards automated & reproducible bioinformatics on New Zealand's public cloud

19 April | Derek Scasta (University of Wyoming) - Socio-ecology of free roaming horses in North America: opportunities to compare and contrast with Australia and New Zealand 

26 April | Negin Imani (PhD) Bio-inspired Office Buildings, A bio-architectural workflow for improving the thermal performance of office buildings

3 May | Jessica Russell (MSc) - An investigation into the viability of Wolbachia transinfection in the Western honey bee (Apis mellifera)

10 May | TBA

17 May | Becky Focht (PhD) - Effects of wave exposure on distribution, phenotype and growth in a reef fish

24 May | Keith Mitchell (PhD) - Recruitment in Foveaux Strait oysters (Ostrea chilensis), implications for fisheries and conservation