Simon Mackenzie


Teaching in 2018


LLB Hons and Dip.LP (Edinburgh), MPhil in Criminological Research (Cambridge), PGCert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Keele), PhD in Criminology (Melbourne).

Research areas

Organised crime, white-collar crime, transnational crime, policing, critical criminology, socio-legal criminology, theoretical criminology, qualitative methods, art crime and antiquities trafficking.


Simon joined the Institute of Criminology in 2016 after nearly ten years at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research at the University of Glasgow, and prior to that the Criminology Department at Keele University. He has held research grants and contracts from various funders including the European Commission, UK research councils (ESRC and AHRC), government justice departments, police, and the European Research Council which supported the Trafficking Culture research programme, see traffic king culture website. He is currently working on a book with colleagues from the Trafficking Culture team, to summarise the results of the first phase of that research.

Current service

Editorial board, British Journal of Criminology

Editor, Howard Journal of Criminal Justice

External Examiner, University of Edinburgh

Visiting Professor, University of Glasgow

Postgraduate supervision

Simon is available to supervise Honours, Masters and PhD students on projects in the areas of organised crime, white-collar crime and transnational crime.

Selected publications

Mackenzie, S. and Yates, D. (2016), ‘What is Grey About the ‘Grey Market’ in Antiquities’ in J. Beckert and M. Dewey (Eds) Everything Legal? Interfaces Between Legality and Illegality in Markets. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Teaching in 2018