Fiona Hutton

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Senior Lecturer School of Social and Cultural Studies


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

Gender and drug use, drug law reform, drug policy, alcohol and other drug use


BA(Hons) Staffs, PhD Manc Met, PGCertHELT Well


Fiona Hutton joined the Institute of Criminology in 2003 from Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. Her UK based research and interests focused on recreational drug use in the night time economy, mental health, family support services, education and health needs in inner city areas, outreach work with injecting drug users, the homeless and street based sex workers. Since joining the Institute, her research has developed around issues related to alcohol and other drugs, gender, harm reduction and drug policy. She has taught and researched in the areas of Criminology, specifically criminological theory, youth crime and cultures, drug policy, harm reduction, alcohol and other drugs, for the past twenty years.

Current research

Fiona's current research interests focus on drug use (including alcohol and new psychoactive substances), drug policy and drug law reform, young women’s drinking practices, youth crime & youth cultures, gender, risk, pleasure & intoxication and harm reduction. Current research projects include:

  • exploring the ways drug use and drug users are demonised and stigmatised through a variety of media and other discourses;
  • critically exploring the concept of intoxication, and how the intoxication practices of diverse groups are experienced and responded to
  • the effects of having a conviction on those who have been convicted of drugs offences

Selected publications

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Public Commentaries

Hutton, F. (2019). Why I can’t join the choir of delight on this drug reform. The Spinoff, 9 August

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Book reviews

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Memberships, appointments and other work

  • Member of the editorial board of ‘Contemporary Drug Problems’
  • Member of the editorial board of ‘International Journal of Drug Policy’
  • Member of the Victoria University Mentoring Scheme Reference Group


Teaching in 2019