Elizabeth Stanley

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Professor of Criminology School of Social and Cultural Studies


Teaching in 2019

Research interests

State crimes, human rights violations, truth commissions and international courts, detention


BA (Hons) (Hull), MA (Keele), PhD (VUW)


Elizabeth Stanley joined the Institute in January 2003. She had previously spent five years as a Lecturer in Critical Criminology at the Centre for Studies in Crime and Social Justice, UK.

Elizabeth's research interests are in the areas of state crime, human rights, transitional justice and social justice. She has undertaken studies on rights and detention in NZ and the UK, and her work in South Africa, Chile and Timor Leste has focused on truth commissions and court processes.

Current research

  • The Changing Status of Human Rights in New Zealand
  • Human Rights and Imprisonment
  • Experiences of New Zealanders Deported from Australia

Current teaching

From 2014-2019 Elizabeth holds a Rutherford Discovery Fellowship. She will not coordinate any courses during this time.

Postgraduate supervision

Elizabeth is available to supervise Honours, Masters and PhD students on projects relating to state crime, human rights, imprisonment, punishment, asylum and refugees, truth commissions, international courts and issues of social justice.

Selected publications

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Memberships, appointments and other work

Recent awards

  • 2013 Rutherford Discovery Fellowship
  • 2008 Victorias 'Best course' Award given to CRIM 323 State Crime
  • 2008 The Sustained Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2004 Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology Young Scholar Prize


Teaching in 2019