Catherine Trundle


Teaching in 2018


ANTH (Hons), MA (VUW), PhD (Cambridge)

Research specialties

My main areas of research centre on:

  • Inequality and wellbeing
  • Contested illness and the politics of proof
  • An anthropology of ethics, specifically responsibility, care, vulnerability, debt and compassion
  • The politics of social inclusion and exclusion
  • Gender, work and the state
  • The anthropology of Oceania and Aotearoa New Zealand

Since 2009 I have  been researching military veterans’ claims for healthcare and the politics of recognition, proof, care and responsibility. Specifically, I examine New Zealand and British nuclear test veterans who seek state recognition, increased healthcare entitlements, and compensation for ill health that they attribute to radiation exposure. I am currently finishing a book manuscript that explores the politics of proof in radiation-related illness claims and the translation work required to make proof efficacious across legal, medical, archival and political spheres. I have also recently begun a new research project that explores economic precarity, debt, housing and wellbeing in New Zealand.

Recent publications


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Memberships, appointments and other work

  • Secretary of SOMAA the Society of Medical Anthropology in Aotearoa
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Association of Social Anthropologists in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Fulbright Campus Advisor, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Fulbright New Zealand Scholars Award 2014
  • Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Fast Start Grant 2011-2013
  • Economic and Social Research Council, UK, International Training and Networking Opportunities Grant (with Dr Joanna Cook, Dr Matei Candea and Dr Thomas Yarrow) 2009-2010


Teaching in 2018