The School of Social and Cultural Studies brings together the teaching, research and scholarship strengths of Criminology, Cultural Anthropology, Social Policy and Sociology.

You’ll study the current analyses of how societies and cultures are formed, how they are governed, how they break down and how we might envisage new and viable future social and cultural systems.

Criminology Collective

The go-to place for criminology articles, commentaries, videos and news.


Learn about the cultural lives of people from all over the world, and discover the diversities—and similarities—in human experiences and beliefs.

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Available subjects

  • Cultural Anthropology


Study the nature and causes of crime, and consider how society responds to crime through community action or the criminal justice system. Strengthen your abilities in research and analysis, and improve your communication skills.

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Available subjects

  • Criminology
  • Restorative Justice


Sociology makes sense of the social world—past, present and future. Learn how and why people organise themselves in different ways, and to think critically about the world we live in.

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Available subjects

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • Sociology
  • Social Policy
Eleni Turnbull MA CRIM Student

Terrorism and Rampage Shooters in Europe and North America

MA Candidate in Criminology Eleni Turnbull has always been interested in studying violent criminality and the underlying motivations which drive individuals to engage in violence.

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