Roger Blackley

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Associate Professor School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies


MA (Auckland), PhD (Victoria)

Research specialties

My research focuses on colonial New Zealand art within a global context. I am particularly interested in the depiction of indigenous peoples, the history of exhibitions and museums, and theories and practices of collecting.

Another keen interest is art forgery—especially the subtle borderline that divides ‘authentic’ from ‘inauthentic’. For example, ‘ethnographic’ fakes are abundant in museum collections; while some are occasionally identified as fakes, many others pass as indigenous works when in effect they are European works of art.

Administrative responsibilities

Honours Coordinator 2018

Career summary

In 1983 I was appointed Curator of Historical New Zealand Art at the Auckland Art Gallery. Over the following 15 years at the gallery I organised a number of large-scale temporary exhibitions, including Tarawera 1886 (1986), Two Centuries of New Zealand Landscape Art (1990), Golden Evenings: The Art of Alfred Sharpe (1993) and Goldie (1997). Since joining Victoria University in 1999 I have curated two exhibitions for the Adam Art Gallery: Stray Leaves: Colonial Trompe-l’œil Drawings (2001) and Te Mata: The Ethnological Portrait (2008).

At Victoria my research has increasingly focused on the intersection of art and ethnology, and the particularities of the New Zealand context within the broader history of art in the British settler colonies. In 2016 I completed a PhD thesis entitled ‘The Galleries of Maoriland: Māori Portraits, Ethnological Art, and the Culture of the Curio, 1880-1910’.

Current research projects

Galleries of Maoriland, surveying the ethnological art that flourished in New Zealand around the turn of the twentieth century, will be published by Auckland University Press.  
Māori objects and images of Māori were closely connected in New Zealand's art and collecting culture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While the received art history of the period positions Māori as passive victims of colonialism, memorialised in galleries of the dying race, Roger Blackley’s research identifies the activities and motives of Māori participants within this culture. By exploring the intersections of art and ethnological collecting, and especially by including Māori as participants and agents, Galleries of Maoriland enables an enhanced view of the transactions of the colonial art world.

Colonial New Zealand Art. A longer-term goal is a history of New Zealand’s colonial art culture through the lens of the exhibition. Colonial artists deployed an extraordinary diversity of exhibition spaces, ranging from shop windows, hotels and church bazaars, to museums, galleries and international exhibitions. The exhibition is the point at which art reaches a public, when the work of art assumes a life independent of its maker. The exhibiting institutions also represent the infrastructure on which an art culture builds itself.



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