Emperor Marcus Aurelius tells us, "All things fade into the storied past, and in a little while are shrouded in oblivion." But in Classical Studies, research into ancient Greece and Rome is more alive than ever. From language to democracy, the foundation of Western culture is in the classical world.

At Victoria, you can major in Classical Studies, Greek or Latin. No previous understanding of either Latin or Greek is required. You will get a comprehensive training in rigorous thinking, analysis, and the understanding of complex issues, as well as an invaluable education in the literature, history, myth, and art of the ancient world.

Classical Studies also provides insights into other subjects such as English, Philosophy, Art History, and Religious Studies. "What follows is ever closely linked to what precedes," Marcus Aurelius also said. Go deep into the past and you will understand the future.

For further details of the courses offered, please see the Classical Studies, Greek and Latin courses page.

Students studying Classical Studies at Victoria have the opportunity to apply to go on the biannual field trip to Greece. They also have access to the Classics Museum, which houses a small, but beautiful collection of Greek and Roman artefacts.

'Classical Studies' is the rubric for courses or research that do no involve any substantial amount of ancient languages. At MA and PhD level, the streams previously labelled as Greek and Latin are subsumed under one heading, 'Classics', since often advanced research involves considerable work in both languages.

Victoria offers postgraduate study in Classics, Greek and Latin. See the Classics Postgraduate Research page for recent research topics. The PhD in Classics pamphlet and an In-House Guide to Postgraduate Study in Classics both have a wealth of information.

Programme staff are always researching and providing insightful and cutting-edge conference papers, articles and books. For further details see the Classics Research page.

Members of the public and students have the opportunity to join the Wellington Classical Association, which was formed in the late 1940s as a forum for those interested in the Classical World. Join up and come along to exciting events throughout the year.

To become a member, please email the Programme Administrator

Members of public $20 and students $5 per annum.