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The Chair in Public Finance regularly publishes media commentary, articles, and is interviewed on current economic issues facing New Zealand.


Tax reform in developing countries

A recent publication which combines three decades of research on tax reform in developing countries. Edited by James Alm and Jorge Martinez-Vazquez, the collection includes works from Michalel Keen, Thomas Piketty, Joseph Stiglitz and our own Norman Gemmell.

New working papers in Public Finance

Professor John Creedy and various collaborators have produced a number of new working papers for September, including Debt Projections and Fiscal Sustainability with Feedback Effect, Labour Supply in New Zealand and the 2010 Tax and Transfer Changes and Long-run Fiscal Projections under Uncertainty: The Case of New Zealand.

New Zealand Public Finance Newsletter, issue 7

The most recent issue of the New Zealand Public Finance Newsletter is available to read now. This issue includes a report on the economic effect of the most recent NZ Budget, a review of the 2015 Public Finance Debate series and a brief survey of the new capital gains tax. This issue also begins our profile series, public finance people, introducing Dr Grant Scobie.

Measuring revenue-maximizing elasticities of taxable income: Evidence for the US income tax

In a paper recently published in the Public Finance Review, Professor Norman Gemmell and Professor John Creedy, discuss the relationship between marginal tax rates in the US income tax system and their respective Laffer curves. Read article now.

Tax to stop 'bad' behaviour dent level playing field

Professor Norman Gemmell comments on the 'bright-line test' capital gains tax in the Dominion Post.

2015 Budget commentary

Professor Norman Gemmell discusses the effect of the 2015 Budget on the economy.

Should Team New Zealand be publicly funded?

Professor Norman Gemmell joined Jom Mora for The Panel to discuss whether Team New Zealand's America's Cup bid should be funded from the public purse.


Research shows disparity between tax paid by women and men

Research undertaken by Professor Norman Gemmell, Victoria’s Chair in Public Finance, Honours student Athene Laws and Omar Aziz, from New Zealand Treasury and Harvard University,‘Income and Fiscal Incidence by Age and Gender: Some Evidence from New Zealand’ has been accepted for publication by international economics journal, Review of Income and Wealth.

Read the profile on Scoop.

National and Labour to outline economic visions

The Chair in Public Finance hosted two public lectures on the future of the New Zealand economy in advance of the 2014 General Election.

Should New Zealand have a 40% tax rate?

In the lead up to the 2014 General Election, Professor Norman Gemmell joined The Panel to discuss the 40% tax rate with Jim Mora on National Radio.

Are prices high in New Zealand?

Research undertaken by the Chair in Public Finance, commissioned by the New Zealand Productivity Comission is discussed on Newstalk ZBRadio New Zealand and Radio Live Drive. It also reatured in Parliamentary Question Time on 29 May, and in the Sunday Star Times, The New Zealand Herald and Stuff .

Housing debate

The Chair discusses current housing issues on Radio NZ. Housing Minister, The Hon Nick Smith, and Labour Spokesperson, Phil Twyford, also debate on the topic.


Public finance debates

Debates put topical issues under the microscope: The Chair and the Government Economic Network will host a series of public finance debates (Oct-Dec) with the following topics:

  1. "It's tax the internet"
  2. "It's time...NZ extended charging for public infrastructure"
  3. "It's time...NZ adopted  social insurance approach to welfare"

Reserve Bank lending restrictions

Commentary on new loan-to-value ratio restrictions: The Chair provides commentary on the Reserve Bank lending restrictions.

Long-Term Fiscal Calculator

Professor Gemmell, in conjunction with the Treasury, launches the Long-Term Fiscal Calculator on the New Zealand Public Finance website. The web-tool allows people the opportunity to make selections to close the 'fiscal gap' that the government faces over the next 40 years. Read about it in "Fix Govt accounts? Here's your chance", 15 July 2013, The New Zealand Herald.

Budget 2013

Professor Gemmell gives his opinion on the recent budget in "Budget 2013 - Good policy or good luck?", 20 May 2013. This article has been published on the New Zealand Centre for Political Research website.

The Dominion Post

Professor Gemmell, who is from the UK, assessed the economic impact made by Lady Margaret Thatcher to Great Britain."Change manager Thatcher merits eponymous '-ism'", 16 Apr 2013

The New Zealand Herald

Professor Norman Gemmell contributes a series of articles on economic issues that are currently undergoing much debate.

Part one - "Asset Sales - Some Myths", 1 Feb 2013

Part two - "Public Debt - Lower Looks Better", 8 Feb 2013

Part three - "GST Arguments are Hard to Swallow", 15 Feb 2013

Part four - "Affliction Lifts Health-Care Costs", 1 Mar, 2013

Part five - "'Fair' tax? Easy to Say, Hard to Define", 8 Mar, 2013


Budget 2012

The Minister of Finance announced his 2012 Budget on 24th May. This page contains links to some of the key documents and a brief summary/assessment.

The 2012 Budget - in a word!

This week’s Budget from Hon Bill English was his fourth since he became Minster of Finance after the 2008 election. You might think that with three Budgets and another election behind him, Mr English would be well settled into the job, and looking for some legacy-making reforms that will help to secure him and his National colleagues a third term in 2014.

Mr English can certainly be credited with establishing clear objectives for those first three Budgets. Each had a single theme—in one word they were, in order: ‘recovery’, ‘tax’, and ‘savings’. So what theme sums up this week’s Budget? Asset sales? Welfare reform? Spending squeeze?


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