Professor Norman Gemmell

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Chair in Public Finance School of Accounting and Commercial Law

Research interests

Public finance: taxation, public expenditure, public debt, social welfare, fiscal policy, public sector analysis and performance, economic growth, public economics, political economy.


Norman joined the School of Accounting and Commercial Law in November 2011, as the first incumbent of the new Chair in Public Finance. Established by Victoria University of Wellington, with sponsorship from the three New Zealand government departments (Inland Revenue, Ministry for Social Development and Treasury) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the new Chair aims to bring together academic research on public finance with applications to tax policy in practice. Norman comes to the role having previously been Chief Economist and Principal Adviser (Tax) at The New Zealand Treasury (2007-11), an Assistant Director of the UK Inland Revenue’s Research Department (2003-06), and Professorial Research Fellow (1999-2007) and Professor of Development Economics (1996-99) at the University of Nottingham, UK. Norman also helped set up, and participated in, the recent VUW Tax Working Group which advised the Minister of Finance on the major tax reforms included in his 2010 Budget.

Norman’s research interests cover a range of topics across economics and political economy but mainly in the areas of public finance (taxation, public expenditure and public debt) and economic growth. He has authored several books and numerous journal articles in these areas including the recent Modelling Corporation Tax Revenue (with John Creedy; Edward Elgar Publishing, 2010) and articles in such peer-reviewed journals as the American Economic Review, Economic Journal, International Tax and Public Finance, Journal of Public Economics, Journal of Public Economic Theory, National Tax Journal, and Journal of Development Economics.

In 2012, Norman was awarded the “Economist of the Year” by an independent panel of economists sponsored by the New Zealand Institute for Economic Research (NZIER), and was appointed to the New Zealand Treasury’s External Panel of independent experts advising Treasury on its 2013 Long-Term Fiscal Statement.

In addition, the Chair also organised events to promote public debate on topical issues in the field of public finance including:

Inaugurating a series of Public Finance Debates (jointly with the N.Z. Government Economics Network) - a set of four debates during August – November 2012 on issues such as ‘should there be a government spending cap’ and ‘the sale of state assets’.

The Long-Term Fiscal “Affording Our Future” Conference at VUW in December 2012 (jointly with N.Z. Treasury).

Selected and recent publications

Refereed journal articles

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