"Moral Rights in Practice" APCA and CAGTR Seminar

Moral rights attach to the author of a copyright work, and are distinct to rights that attach to its owner.

"Moral Rights in Practice" APCA and CAGTR Seminar

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8 August 2019 from 5.45 pm - 7.00 pm 8th Aug 2019 5:45pm 8th Aug 2019 7:00pm

Victoria University of Wellington, Rutherford House, Mezzanine Floor, Room MZ03

Sometimes described as ‘personal’ rights  (as opposed to ‘economic’ rights), these rights cannot be sold or assigned.  In New Zealand, these include the right to proper attribution and the right to object to derogatory treatment of the work.  Enforcing these rights, however, can be very difficult.  Moreover, the interests of moral rights holders might clash with the interests of economic rights owners.

Through real-life cases, Susan explores how these two competing interests are balanced and managed when the rights collide, and brings to the table her own perspective from her practical experience in dispute resolution and litigation.

Presentation by Susan Hur

Susan Hur is a Solicitor at Baldwins Intellectual Property based in Auckland. Qualified to practice in both New Zealand and New South Wales, she specialises in dispute resolution, litigation, and commercial law.  Prior to joining Baldwins, she advised a wide range of clients in commercial agreements and civil litigation matters.

The evening will conclude with light refreshments.

Please let Vanessa Borg know if you will be attending including dietary requirements, (if any) by email at vanessa.borg@vuw.ac.nz by latest, Monday, 5 August 2019.