APCA 2015: Accepted presentations

Presentations accepted for the inaugural Copyright Law and Policy in the Asia Pacific Conference 2015 are listed below, with links to the individual abstracts.

"3D Printing and Enforcement: A Copyright Perspective from Finland and China - Are We so Different?"Antikainen, Mikko (Finland)

"Access to Books for the Visually Impaired and the Future of User Rights"Ayoubi, Lida (New Zealand)

"Droit de Suite, Treaty Obligations and Realpolitik in the Asian Pacific Region"Barrett, Jonathan (New Zealand)

"Reproduction and Communication of Traditional Cultural Expressions in Electronic Form: Recent Legislative Developments in Pacific Island Countries"Boddington, Mark (New Zealand)

"Monetising Copyright for Economic Prosperity - Panel Discussion"Browning, Paula (WeCreate, New Zealand)

"Regulating Copyright Metadata: Creating Incentives for Efficient Digital Intellectual Property Management"Cadavid, Jhonny Antonio Pabón (New Zealand)

"Permitted Exceptions and their Disadvantages: Education and Library Provisions in the Copyright Laws of the Asian Pacific"Corbett, Susan (New Zealand)

"Streaming, Copyright and New Technologies – Whither the Response of Sports Organisers?"Dickson, Craig (New Zealand)

"Using New Zealand Copyright Law to Prevent Unconsented Use of Personal Images: Challenges and Opportunities"Ekaratne, S. Che (New Zealand)

"The TPP and Other Integrated Economic Agreements’ Negotiation Principles and representation: A New Zealand Librarian’s Perspective"Gordon, Cherry (New Zealand)

"Copyright and New Technology: A Comparative Approach for Meeting the Challenges of Drones, Three-D Printing and Computer Hacking"Long, Doris Estelle (USA)

"Copyright in Tattoos: What a Tangled Web We Weave"Sims, Alexandra (New Zealand)

"Tantrums and Tiaras - Slogans Creativity, Originality and Advertising"Sugden, Paul (Australia)

"Between Market and Authority: A Case Study on Regulation of Collective Rights Administration Organizations In China"Yang, Li (China)

"Treating “Idea” as a Key Element of Copyrightable Work: Practices, Problems and Alternative Solutions"Zhu, Dong (China)