Fabrum Solutions

A New Zealand engineering firm has secured its international status as a manufacturer of specialist cryogenic components thanks to a partnership with Robinson.

Relationship and projects

The partnership with Fabrum Solutions began in 2008 when the Robinson Research Institute team approached them to help build machinery to make superconducting Roebel cable for their clients.

Since then, the companies have worked together on a number of large and small projects. These include the design and build of a 28 MVA transformer funded by the US Department of Energy—Robinson provided know-how for the cooling system developed by Fabrum.

Two members of the Robinson team were also seconded to Fabrum for several months in 2013 to provide test data to inform the design of lids and vacuum spaces in cryostat devices, to minimise heat leakage. In the same year, technology (a cryogenic refrigerator) developed by Robinson was transferred to Fabrum.

In 2014, Robinson provided research expertise for a project developing a superconducting motor for an international client, advising on the specific selection and terminations of the superconductor.

The ongoing relationship has supported Fabrum in developing a number of new products for clients in Australia, Germany and the United States.

Client comment

“The Robinson team provide scientific rigour with an appreciation of commercial requirements. That’s a unique blend, which makes them incredibly easy to engage with. They understand the process of discovery, confirmation, commercialisation and sale.

“We leverage Robinson’s research competency to support areas of our design work. Their research is world leading, so being able to tap into that gives us a significant advantage when we are competing internationally for work. We sit them down in front of our clients offshore as experts and they’ve never let us down—their accumulated research knowledge demands huge respect. This enables us to punch above our weight.

“On a world stage we are not a large business, but having access to the value that Robinson provides enables us to deliver world leading solutions. We don’t think of them as a separate company but as colleagues. It’s a great working relationship and we value them highly.”

—Christopher Boyle, Managing Director, Fabrum Solutions.

About Fabrum Solutions

Fabrum Solutions is a rapidly growing Christchurch-based New Zealand company employing 25 staff. The company is a world leader in the design and manufacture of composite cryostats and cryocoolers for the superconducting industry and other cryogenic applications.