American Superconductor and the Robinson team have worked together for more than 20 years to improve the performance and processing of superconducting wire.

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Relationship and projects

American Superconductor (AMSC) and the Robinson Research Institute (formerly Industrial Research Limited—IRL) have enjoyed a close working relationship for over 20 years.

The relationship is characterised by an active collaboration between scientists and engineers from both institutions on technology areas that would advance superconductor wire performance and processing methods.

In 2004, HTS-110 Ltd was formed as a spinoff company to manufacture magnets from high temperature superconducting wire. AMSC was a part owner of HTS-110 from 2004 to 2012.

About AMSC

AMSC (NASDAQ: AMSC) generates the ideas, technologies and solutions that meet the world's demand for smarter and cleaner energy.

The company's solutions are now powering gigawatts of renewable energy globally and enhancing the performance and reliability of power networks in more than a dozen countries. Founded in 1987, AMSC is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts with operations in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.