Dr Shen Vun Chong


Dr Shen Chong’s research expertise is in the following areas.

Surface science and catalysis

  • XPS (X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy)
  • AES (Auger electron spectroscopy)
  • LEED (low energy electron diffraction)
  • catalytic studies of organic molecules on a metal oxide surface
  • quadrupole mass-spectrometry for gas analysis
  • surface functionality

Iron-based superconductors

  • preparation and characterisation of superconducting properties of iron-pnictides in polycrystalline and single crystal forms
  • single crystal growth using a flux and self-melting method

Electrical transport, magnetism, physical properties measurements

  • lead for the Quantum Design PPMS (resistivity, magneto-resistance, Hall-effect, ac/dc magnetometry, heat capacity and thermal-transport)
  • MPMS SQUID magnetometer


  • organic-inorganic metal oxide hybrids
  • high temperature furnace operation >1100°C
  • hands-on experience using SEM-EDS
  • < 1mm sample and wire attachment under an optical microscope
  • grazing angle XRD
  • installation of low moisture and O2-content (<2 ppm) glove-box

Shen has a PhD in chemistry from the University of Auckland.