Dr Nick Long

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Director Robinson Research Institute



Dr Nick Long’s primary research is in high temperature superconductivity (HTS). He was a founder of the programme at IRL (Industrial Research Limited) to develop HTS Roebel cables, including the development of the manufacturing and characterisation processes.

His other HTS work has focussed on enhancing wire performance and understanding the phenomenology of critical currents. He has developed a probabilistic approach to modelling critical currents based on the principle of maximum entropy. He has also worked on reducing defects and improving yield in wire manufacturing.

Nick is the science leader for a magnetic sensor research programme, which encompasses material research and development of applications in non-destructive testing.

His previous research experience includes quantum transport phenomenon in low temperature physics and materials research in oxygen ion conductors.

Nick obtained a Masters degree in physics at Victoria University of Wellington and completed a PhD in physics at the University of Southern California. He joined IRL, predecessor to the Robinson Research Institute, in 1994.