Dr Jakub Glowacki

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Senior Scientist

Dr Jakub Glowacki is an aerospace engineer specialised in modelling of rocket propulsion particularly in application of Computational Fluid Dynamic to reactive flow simulations.

He has multidisciplinary specialisation in Astronomy and Mechanical Engineering which reflects broad range of his research topics. He completed his PhD at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) in 2016 working on design and analysis of vortex hybrid rockets. After moving to New Zealand in 2018, he joined Robinson Research Institute as a Research Engineer and initiated pioneering work on space propulsion systems at Victoria University of Wellington.

His specialty areas of expertise are rocket propulsion model-based design and optimisation. He has been mostly involved in heat and mass transfer modelling, multi-stage chemical kinetic turbulent flows, and structural components analysis of aerospace components.

Jakub is currently working on the development of new generation of highly efficient electric aircraft motor based on superconductive technology and modelling of future space thrusters for in-space manoeuvres.

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