Gennady Sidorov

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Engineer Robinson Research Institute

Gennady specialities are in the following areas.

Power electronics

Extensive knowledge of electrical systems utilising power conversion technology, applying power electronics to target applications (analogue and digital electronics), microcontrollers, embedded systems, electrical circuit simulation, PCB design and testing.

Cryogenic technology

Installation and maintenance of pulse tube and Gifford-McMahon cycle cryorefrigerators (Sumitomo, Cryomech), including cold heads; maintenance of PPMS and MPMS SQUID, Quantum Design cryogenic system; design of liquid nitrogen cryostats and liquid nitrogen cryogenic systems, including temperature control of liquid nitrogen.

Vacuum technology

Design and construction of vacuum systems, including vacuum chambers, mechanical rotary pumps, diffusional pumps, turbomolecular pumps and cryopumps.

Furnace design

Design and construction of electrical furnaces, tube furnaces up to 1200°C, including temperature control.

Instrumentation and measurement

Design and construction of PC-based data acquisition systems, using National Instrument data acquisition systems and LabVIEW.

Software development

Building measurement and control systems using LabVIEW programming, C programming for PIC microcontrollers.