Dr Evgeny Talantsev

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Dr Evgeny Talantsev’s specialities are in the following areas.

Applied superconductivity

Phase transformations in (Y,Dy)-Ba-Cu-Zr oxyfluorides under YBa2Cu3Ox (YBCO) phase growth were studied in attempt to understand the role of Zr doping, YBCO stoichiometry, stacking faults, film thickness and film cracking on the performance of critical superconducting currents. Based on these studies, YBCO film thickness (electric current capacity performance) in commercial YBCO superconductors was increased by 50 percent.

This work was carried out for American Superconductor Corporation from 2005–2013.

Physics of superconductivity

Several general topics in superconductivity physics were explored. These include:

  1. The effect of electric charge carrier (holes) density on critical current density in YBCO. A two-peaked diagram of critical current density vs. hole concentration was revealed for YBCO in a wide range of temperatures (T=20–77K) and holes doping states.
  2. The effect of minor elemental (Li, Ni, Co, Zn, Tb, Ca) doping on YBCO superconducting critical current densities at a wide range of temperatures was studied.
  3. Understanding self-field critical current density as a fundamental quantity of superconductors.

This work was carried out for the New Zealand Government with contestable funding from 2005–2013.

Physics of shock waves

New approaches for prime electric power generation through the conversion of shock wave energy into electric energy were studied. We detected the effect of shock wave demagnetisation of Nd2Fe12B and created a physical background for designing new high current power sources based on this effect.

This work was completed at Texas Tech University for the US Air Force and the US Army from 2001–2004.

Atomic resolution microscopy

The focus of this work was HTS ceramics, carbon nanotubes and gold alloys, using expertise in the following fields:

  • field ion microscopy
  • atom probe field ion microscopy
  • field electron emission microscopy
  • scanning tunnelling microscopy.

Evgeny also has experience in:

  • food sterilisation by electro-physical methods
  • phase transformations in palladium alloys under ion implantation
  • ultra-high frequency high power radar
    • mechanical properties of nanoscaled crystals
    • gold alloys
    • microlithography.

He has a PhD in physic (1990) from the Institute of Metal Physics at the Russian Academy of Sciences.