Human ethics

Ethics approval is required for research conducted with human participants, their data or tissue. The Human Ethics Committee ensures ethical standards are met.

The Human Ethics Committee (HEC) and specialised sub-committees promote awareness among researchers at the University of ethical issues related to human research, and are responsible for overseeing all human ethics research applications. Certain research and teaching activities require HEC approval before they begin, to protect the interests of participants, researchers and communities.

The HEC provides guidance and support to researchers and research teams at Victoria to ensure any research with human participants is conducted and completed to an ethical standard.

Committee membership

The HEC is is made up of staff from the University, nominated external members, and student representatives.

The Committee maintains a diverse membership to ensure a comprehensive range of ethical issues are identified and discussed.

Public involvement

If you would like to attend our HEC meetings, make a human ethics research complaint or have any enquiries, contact us below.

Ethics approval applications

Learn about the steps for ethics applications, with information on timeframes, deadlines, processes and committees.

More information about applying for ethics approval.

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