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    Disability and poverty don’t have to be linked

    The median payment rate for disability-related allowances is almost three times higher in the United Kingdom than in New Zealand, writes Samuel Murray, who has a Master in Public Policy from Victoria University of Wellington and is National Policy Coordinator for CCS Disability Action.

    Classrooms of the future

    Digital technology offers many intriguing possibilities but cannot replace all-important human relationships, experts tell a Victoria University of Wellington 'Education for 2050' workshop.

    Drone registration is not the answer

    With drones disrupting everything from commercial flights to firefighting, aviation safety expert Andrew Shelley, a PhD student in Victoria University of Wellington's School of Economics and Finance, argues for law changes to allow destruction of rogue drones and more resources to prosecute offenders.

    Cap doesn’t fit for paid parental leave

    Maximum payments compare poorly both internationally and with ACC, so let's consider other options, writes Suzy Morrissey, a PhD student in Victoria University of Wellington's School of Accounting and Commercial Law.

    Ongoing endeavour to establish NZ's 1769 population

    Two hundred and fifty years after Captain Cook's arrival, we still can't be sure how many Māori lived in Aotearoa at the time, writes Dr Simon Chapple, Director of Victoria University of Wellington's Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.

    The ethics of millennial employees

    Victoria University of Wellington Master's graduate Hege Øvrebø reaches beyond generational stereotypes to reveal a much more nuanced picture of the working world’s fastest-growing age group.

    Young people unfit for court process

    The demands of the court environment frequently exceed the developmental capabilities of adolescents, writes Pip Dean, who is studying for a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington.

    Wellbeing Budget: a rocket or a drone?

    Victoria University of Wellington Chair of Wellbeing and Public Policy Professor Arthur Grimes looks at the implications of the Treasury’s Living Standards Framework dashboard and the Finance Minister's Budget Policy Statement.

    Engaging learners in Antarctica

    Analysis of the impact for learners of an online course about Antarctica shows students had their preconceptions challenged and developed a new sense of protection towards the continent.