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A financial push in the right direction

From tax incentives to cash grants, 'price signals' are the key to increasing the uptake of electric vehicles in New Zealand, writes Victoria University of Wellington Professor of Taxation Lisa Marriott.

Others could take a leaf out of Bazley’s book

The report into law firm Russell McVeagh is a model of frankness and it would be good to see similar acts of frankness elsewhere, such as in the public sector, writes Dr Geoff Plimmer from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Management.

One-size-fits-all leads to more inequality

There might need to be different state pension eligibility ages based on the physical demands of a person's job, says an extended working life researcher in a Victoria University of Wellington talk.

Hurdles for state abuse inquiry to clear

Victims need acknowledgement and a full and frank apology from the highest level of government, says Dr Elizabeth Stanley, a Reader in Victoria University of Wellington's Institute of Criminology.

No room for corruption complacency

New Zealand could still aim higher in ensuring integrity, says Professor Karin Lasthuizen, Victoria University of Wellington's Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership.

If a tourism levy is the solution, what’s the problem?

Policy-makers still seem to be still prioritising economic growth based on conservative indicators over protecting species and the environment, writes Associate Professor Valentina Dinica from Victoria University of Wellington's School of Government.

Storms in a teacup

Experiencing extreme weather has a negligible effect on people's climate change opinions, according to research presented at a Victoria University of Wellington seminar.

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