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  • Dr Dougal McNeill

    Dr Dougal McNeill

    Senior Lecturer School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies

    Research areas: Scottish literature; Science Fiction; Utopia and Dystopia; Modernism; Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand literature; Literary theory; Marxism.

  • Prof Harry Ricketts

    Prof Harry Ricketts

    Professor School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies

    Research areas: Harry teaches and does research on nineteenth and twentieth century poetry, including New Zealand poetry, children’s literature, creative non-fiction and literary biography. His most recent publications include: The Awa Book of New Zealand Sports Writing (2010); with Paula Green, 99 Ways into New Zealand Poetry (2010); and Strange Meetings: The Poets of the Great War (2010). He has also published personal essays, most recently How to Live Elsewhere (2004) and How to Catch a Cricket Match (2006

  • Dr Anna Jackson

    Dr Anna Jackson

    Associate Professor School of English, Film, Theatre and Media Studies

    Research areas: Young adult fiction, contemporary and late Victorian; poetry and poetics; the Gothic genre and the uncanny.

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World experts

Victoria has a strong record of research excellence in many areas. Many of our researchers are working at the leading edge of knowledge, including our teams working in organic chemistry, computer science, public law, nanotechnology and superconductors, and Antarctica and climate change.

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Top-ranked university

Victoria is consistently ranked within the top 2% of universities internationally and we are New Zealand’s top-ranked university for research quality.

We are a global-civic university and our researchers lead thinking on the big questions facing society.

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Kate Macgrath

Our researchers are having a positive impact on the lives and wellbeing of people not just in New Zealand but around the world through innovative and ground-breaking research.

Professor Kate McGrath

Former Vice-Provost (Research)

Research strengths

We have research strengths across a range of disciplines. Find out where our research is having an impact and how it compares with other universities around the world.

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Kate McGrath - former Vice-Provost Research

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Victoria has more than 2,000 active researchers across many fields. Hear our former Vice-Provost (Research) talk about how people, businesses and organisations can connect with them.