A raft of coloured fortune tellers


Our researchers aim to make a difference to people’s chances in life through investigating experiences in educational settings and how they can be improved

They address societal and individual needs and ways to contribute to the educational and overall wellbeing of citizens of all ages. Issues of societal and educational inequities—including for Māori and Pasifika communities—are at the heart of this work, with policy scholarship an integral component.

Recent examples of such research include: the prevention of bullying; restorative justice in schools; young people’s engagement with democracy; science in Māori immersion schools; youth engagement with history; and enhancing the communication skills of children with autism and intellectual disability through assistive technology.

The Faculty of Education has relationships with early childhood services and schools throughout the Wellington region, creating unique research opportunities. Being in the capital means our academics are able to work with education policy-makers and offer research-based perspectives to inform decisions.