Clare-Ann Fortune

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Senior Lecturer School of Psychology


Teaching in 2019


MSc(Hons), PGDipClinPsy, PhD (Auckland)

Youth Forensic lab

Clare-Ann leads the Youth Forensic Psychology lab, visit their website for more information on their current research.

Research interests

Clare-Ann’s research examines the issue of young people's offending from a number of different angles. Some of the questions her research addresses include:  Why do youth offend?  Who is more likely to reoffend?  What can we do to reduce their risk of offending in the future?  If youth offenders end up in court, do they understand what is going on?

Research projects in the lab broadly fall within three main areas:

  1. Ethical issues associated with forensic psychology including young people's capacity to understand and participate competently in the justice system (e.g., Fitness to Stand Trial).
  2. Identifying risk and improving risk assessment for youth offenders.
  3. Offender rehabilitation including examining approaches to helping young people successfully avoid future offending by developing strengths and aiming for positive goals (e.g., strength based approaches such as Good Lives.

You can also find Clare-Ann Fortune on Google Scholar and Research Gate.


Registered Psychologist

Clinical Scope of Practice,

New Zealand Psychologists Board

Member of the New Zealand Psychological Society


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Teaching in 2019