Anne Macaskill

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Research and Teaching Fellow School of Psychology


Teaching in 2019


PhD (Florida)

Human Learning lab

Anne is a Research Fellow with the Human Learning lab, please visit their website for more information on their current research.

Research interests

My research investigates gambling, impulsivity and drugs of abuse. The over-arching theme is: why, when they have options, do people sometimes fail to chose the alternative with the best long-term outcome for themselves? I focus on understanding how decision-making and learning processes combine with environmental events to shape such non-optimal choices. My research into gambling seeks to understand why pokie machines are more associated with problem gambling than other gambling modes. My research on impulsivity focuses on educational and medical contexts. In a studying context, students are impulsive when they chose to have something they value a little (TV, social activities) now rather than something they value a lot (high grades, qualifications) later. This might prevent students achieving their study and career goals. Our research aims to understand this and find simple teaching solutions to help support students look to the long term.

Related to my interest in supporting student success, I am currently collaborating with a team of researchers, teachers and librarians at secondary and tertiary levels on a project about information literacy and the role of school and university libraries in supporting students to develop information literacy skills. This three-year project is supported by a grant from the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative.


Teaching in 2019