PSYC Survivor

PSYC Survivor is a first year orientation programme that prepares students to study psychology at university level.

PSYC Survivor is a four day programme offered to first year students enrolling in psychology courses (PSYC 121 and PSYC 122). The programme is psychology specific and is aimed at familiarising students with psychological theory, statistics and the contents of a lab report. In addition, students will learn study techniques, take part in PSYC lectures and complete a group assessment. Study skills gained can be used within Psychology but can also be applied to any other subject here at Victoria. This is an opportunity to get fully prepared, meet other first year students, postgraduate students, staff and have fun.

PSYC Survivor is open to all new students coming to study psychology; however, there are limited places available which means that not everyone who applies will be accepted.

No fee is charged to attend; however there is an expectation that accepted applicants will attend for the entire four days.

When and where

PSYC Survivor typically runs two weeks before the start of Trimester 1. Successful applicants will be notified as soon as possible in order to arrange accommodation and transport to Wellington. The programme runs over four days and is located on the main Kelburn campus of the university.

The fine print

Surviving PSYC Survivor does not guarantee you a grand prize of $1 million dollars, nor fame and glory; however students participating in the programme will be prepared to take on the demands of PSYC 121/122 and have valuable skills that can be applied to learning and studying.

There is no charge for participating in PSYC Survivor (nor will the School pay for any costs incurred by you to attend). PSYC Survivor does not count towards your overall qualification or PSYC major.