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  • Study shows prejudice strongly influenced by inequality

    New research co-led by a Victoria University of Wellington researcher shows that encouraging interpersonal interactions to reduce prejudice—a key strategy used around the world—might not be as effective as previously thought.

  • A runner stands at the end of  racing track with arms up in the air in the shape of a V, for victory

    Studying the struggle of self-control

    Research from Victoria University of Wellington is investigating how to help people be more self-controlled and focus on long-term gain rather than immediate rewards.

  • Solar panels on house

    Equality’s effect on environmentalism

    New research led by Victoria University of Wellington shows people who favour hierarchy and inequality in society are less likely to be pro-environmental.

  • birds eye view of hundreds of people parted like the red sea

    Researchers highlight the vicious circle of inequality

    Social and economic inequality creates a vicious circle in which the greater the inequality the more those at the top protect their privileged position, according to newly released research by an international group that includes Victoria University of Wellington’s Associate Professor Ronald Fischer.