Fiona Dempsey's Proposal Assessment Meeting (PAM)

Fiona Dempsey's Proposal Assessment Meeting (PAM)

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25 October 2018 from 10.00 am 25th Oct 2018 10:00am

EA527, Easterfield Building

Fiona Dempsey, a PhD Candidate from Victoria University of Wellington will speak on:

The role of control in intimate partner aggression


Controlling behaviours (e.g., restricting money, denying access to friends/ family) are considered central to the construct of intimate partner aggression (IPA). However, current measures of control are poorly conceptualised, gendered, and lack validity. This thesis aims to establish a valid, reliable conceptualisation and measure of control in relation to IPA. Study 1 will develop a measure to investigate whether acts commonly labellsed as "controlling behaviours" are distinct from other forms of IPA. Study 2 will utilise this data to develop another measure that will identify the reactive/ proactive motivations associated with the identified behavioural acts, thus determining which behaviours can be classed as controlling. Study 3 will investigate differences in the personality characteristics of people who perpetrate controlling behaviours compared to those who predominantly use reactive aggression. Study 4 will use thematic analysis to explore the lived experiences of men and women who experience and /or use control in abusive relationships.