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PhD Candidate Cong Fan's Proposal Assessment Meeting

Cong Fan's PAM

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3 July 2018 from 10.00 am 3rd Jul 2018 10:00am

EA 527, Level 5 Easterfield Building

Victoria University of Wellington's PhD Candidate Cong Fan

Will speak on

Effect of the Uncanny Valley on Level 1 Visual Perspective Taking

We track what others see during Level-1-perspective-taking (L1VPT). Implicit mentalising is reflected by 'altercentric interference' as shown in the dot-perspective task. Altercentric interference may be due to domain-general processes, leading proponents of the submentalising account to doubt the implicit mentalising account. To test accounts, we investigate how social stimulus affects altercentrism on the dot-perspective task, for previous research suggested that altercentrism may be compromised when L1VPT dips into the uncanny valley (UV). We explore whether UV affects L1VPT by manipulating face eeriness, comparing altercentrism induced by a normal face, an eerie face, a 3D arrow, a 3D triangle and a 2D rectangle.
Under implicit mentalising, a normal face should evoke altercentric interference; the effect should be reduced with an eerie face; when an arrow/triangle/rectangle stimulus is used, there should be no significant effect. The submentalising account would predict altercentric interference when any stimulus with directional cue is presented.