International Programmes

International Executive Short Courses and Programmes for International Clients

See how we work with international organisations and governments to offer short course programmes.

Come to New Zealand’s capital city university to learn from the best academic and practitioners.

Customised Executive Education programmes

We work with international institutions, organisations and governments to offer short course programmes to international groups in New Zealand and in your home country.

We customise our programmes to our client’s requirements. A typical programme is:

  • 2 weeks length (10 teaching days)
  • 15-25 participants
  • includes morning academic teaching sessions and afternoon practical sessions eg. site visits, visiting speakers, workshops
  • may include some tourist activities
  • costs from US$5000/day (additional accommodation, food and tourist activity fees)

Programme content

We offer programmes on a wide range of subject areas that draw from the University's expertise including:

  • leadership and management
  • government and public sector (including e-government, tourism, public sector reform, policing, finance, performance, security and strategy etc.)
  • tourism
  • public sector reform
  • policing
  • security and strategy
  • science and environment
  • education

For more information on the structure and development of the programmes, content, certifications, facilities and fees take a look at our International Short Courses brochure.

Get in touch with one of our Programme Advisors, Tania McGowan or Maciu Raivoka, to discuss your requirements.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or have suggestions for other programmes we could run, please contact us.