Va'aomanū Pasifika fosters inquiry and innovation in research and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Va'aomanū Pasifika staff research interests include:

  • Gender and militarisation (Marsden Grant)
  • Processes of globalisation in the Pacific, migration and cultural change, popular music and dance
  • Youth Voice: Youth Connectedness (FRST)
  • Language, corpus studies and research, preservation and maintenance of  language, social and cultural implications of language loss in the diaspora
  • Reconstruction of traditional cultural concepts and mythological narratives in a more 'modern' Samoan epistemological framework.

For further information about staff research interests, please see the staff profiles.

As part of our commitment to research, we welcome postgraduate students who want to study towards a BA(Hons), Master's or PhD degree.

Recent postgraduate students have attended and presented at national and international conferences such as:

  • Mixed Qualitative Methods, National Workshop
  • Critiquing Education Conference 2, held at AUT, Auckland
  • Growing Pacific Researchers Fono (BRCSS), held at the University of Auckland
  • Measina Conference, held in Apia
  • Teaching Ethics, International Conference, held in Auckland
  • Critiquing Pacific Education Conference, held at AUT, Auckland
  • Ethics of Knowledge Production, Pacific Regional Conference, held in Apia

Recent and current student research includes:

  • Samoan language in New Zealand society
  • Tokelauan youth connectedness
  • The judicial decolonisation of Rapanui
  • Walter Edward Gudgeon in the Cook Islands 1898 to 1909

For further information, please see the Student Profiles page.