The Well-Travelled Musician

Associate Professor in Musicology Dr Samantha Owens has published a new book, The Well-Travelled Musician: John Sigismond Cousser and Musical Exchange in Baroque Europe.

The Well Travelled MusicianDrawing upon a rich body of primary sources, above all Cousser’s commonplace book, the monograph reveals the practicalities of early modern music exchange at a grass-roots level. In doing so it expands current knowledge of Cousser’s early life and professional career significantly, examining his role in the dissemination of music and musical styles throughout the German-speaking lands, as well as in early eighteenth-century London and Dublin.

The book is part of a series published by the Boydell Press that explores the social, cultural and historical contexts of music in Britain from the early seventeenth to the twenty-first centuries. More information on The Well-Travelled Musician can be found at Boydell Press.