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31 August 2019 from 7.30 pm 31st Aug 2019 7:30pm

Adam Concert Room

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panSonus, New York musician duo

Featuring three new works written for New York-based duo panSonus (Jon Clancy, percussionist/sound artist & Amber Evans, vocalist/conductor) by trailblazing young composers hailing from three corners of the world (New Zealand, Taiwan, and the US) in addition to works by NZ experimental music legend Annea Lockwood and underrepresented composers from Austria, Cuba, and Jerusalem, this special program is a markedly unconventional celebration of cultural and musical multiplicities. In the spirit of panSonus’ artistic ethos, each piece places the performers in wildly different scenarios outside of traditional performance practices, further accentuating the diversity of sonic possibilities and approaches that experimental music inspires.

Talia AMAR - Riddles ** (2010)
Annea LOCKWOOD - I Give You Back (1995)
Tania LEÓN - Love After Love ** (2004)
Annea LOCKWOOD - Amazonia Dreaming (1987)
Karlheinz ESSL - juncTions ** (2011) [15’]
w/ Zak Argabrite, live processing
Zak ARGABRITE - ITCHY +* (2019)
Salina FISHER - Children are the Orgasm of the World +** (2018)
Lydia Wayne CHANG - Safety Exit Instruction Manual +* (2019)

+ Written for panSonus
* World premiere
** New Zealand premiere

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Comprised of New York-based musicians Jon Clancy (Westfield, NJ) and Amber Evans (Brisbane, AUS), panSonus is an interdisciplinary duo that seeks to promote and collaborate in the creation of new and experimental works for combinations of voice, percussion, theatre, and electronics, that transcend their respective traditional practices. Through their work, the duo curates uniquely engaging and visceral performance experiences that heighten awareness of corporeal, spacial, and material resonance, and advocates for thoughtful, inclusive, and conceptual programming practices.