Entrepreneurial endeavours in Asia-Pacific

An upcoming conference at Victoria University of Wellington will explore the creation of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Indonesia International Conference on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Small Business (IICIES) is an annual event led by Indonesia’s Bandung Institute of Technology’s School of Business and Management.

Open to researchers, academics and practitioners, it aims to encourage the development of entrepreneurship science, and the growth of small and medium enterprises.

Next week Victoria Business School will host the tenth annual IICIES conference and will focus on entrepreneurship and trade opportunities.

The keynote address will be given by Professor Per Davidsson, founding director at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research at QUT Business School in Brisbane. Professor Davidsson is recognised globally for his extensive research on the start-up and growth of firms as well as the societal wellbeing and job creation effects of those activities. With over 28,000 research citations, he is one of the best cited scholars in entrepreneurship globally.

Professor Davidsson’s talk will examine ways in which external changes can enable particular ventures and types of entrepreneurial activity, with connections to his work on international trade.

Other speakers include Carolyn Tremain, chief executive of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment; Atalia Praratya Kamil, chairwoman of West Java Craft Council, Indonesia; Ricky Pesik, vice chairman of BEKRAF (Indonesia’s Creative Economy Agency); Professor Moacir de Miranda Oliveira from the University of São Paulo School of Economics, Business and Accounting; and Kristy Grant, director of Miramar Creative Centre.

Sponsors of the conference include the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.