Experts and leaders to gather for Victoria's post-election conference

Party leaders, experts and political commentators will converge at Parliament in December to discuss the general election at the 2017 New Zealand Post-Election Conference, organised by Victoria University of Wellington academics Professor Stephen Levine and Dr Jon Johansson.

Professor Levine from Victoria’s Political Science programme says the conference is a fixture in New Zealand’s political calendar, and he expects interest to be higher than ever this year.

“While there is always interest in the conference, recent events in this election campaign have sparked curiosity about the election and New Zealand politics, not just here but also around the world,” says Professor Levine.

Established by Emeritus Professor Dame Margaret Clark, the national conference has been organised by members of Victoria’s Political Science programme following every general election since 1987.

Professor Levine says Victoria is playing to its strengths as New Zealand’s capital city university and the home of the nation’s first Political Science programme.

“We have a unique advantage being based in Wellington, so it’s natural that we have strong relationships with Parliament, the Executive and the different ministries. The expectation in Parliament is that a nationwide conference about the election is going to come from our programme.”

The day of discussion and political analysis will be followed by the publication of a book, with chapters based on presentations from the conference, as well as contributions from New Zealand and international political commentators and a DVD of election campaign highlights.

Professor Levine says that facilitating dialogue between government and the public is part of the core business of Victoria’s Political Science programme.

“Part of our job as academics is to not just speak to other academics. Through this conference we’re able to communicate deeper insights about New Zealand politics to MPs and the general public.

“The mission of the conference has remained the same since it was founded in 1987—to bring together politicians, journalists, commentators, academics and members of the public to have a day-long conversation about what just happened, and why.

“By organising this conference we’re carrying out not just our educational responsibilities, but also our civic responsibilities.”

When: 8.30am - 5.00pm, Wednesday 6 December 2017  

Where: Legislative Council Chamber, Parliament Buildings, Wellington

Register for the conference here.